what is Trixie bet? and the best way to use it

what is Trixie bet? and the best way to use it

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In this article, we will be explaining the concept of Trixie bet and the best way to make money from it in football betting. Making money in football betting can be a daunting task especially if you do not know what you are doing. I have a friend back in the day who doesn’t like looking at his betting history. I asked him why and he simply replied “it hurts to see my loses”. I gave him a lengthy sermon about how viewing betting history can beneficial, how it can help point out his betting flaws. After sometime, he agreed to view it. So we viewed his bets history for the whole year. Well to be sincere, my eyes did hurt even though it wasn’t my money. The red inks on the pages were like forever, am sorry to say.

While scrolling through his previous bets, we realized that most of his lost Tickets (bet slips) were due to the loss of one or two events (football matches). As we all know by default that the loss of one event on a bet slip will result in the entire loss of the bet slip. So looking at his bet lips, we realized that he could have won several times had it been he used Trixie betting techniques. With Trixie bet, you don’t need to win all events on your ticket in other to guaranty a return.


By default, all football betting companies set their betting type to Accumulators. Accumulators are based on multiplication, all the odds for events contained on a betting slip (Ticket) are multiplied to obtain the total odds. The total odds is then multiplied by the stake (money placed on bet) to obtain the potential winnings (amount to be won should all the events on the ticket result in a win). Accumulators are great but it has its own shortcoming. If one of the event on the betting slip is lost, the whole betting slip will be tagged “lost” regardless of the outcome of other events on the Accumulator slip. Imagine placing an accumulator bet consisting of three events only for one of the event to be lost, rendering the other two events meaningless. In other to curb this menace, that’s where Trixie bet comes in.

What is Trixie Bet?

In football betting, a Trixie bet is a multiple bet consisting of three (3) events (football matches). The three events are predicted in a combination of three (3) doubles and one (1) treble. This make up four separate prediction (3 doubles + 1 treble). Do not worry if your head is still spinning from the above definition. It will be simplified with an example. Most betting companies provide the options for Trixie bet. If your betting company does not provide the option, you can contact them or manually place your Trixie bet.

The advantage of this type of betting technique is the fact that the loss of one event on the bets lip cannot ruin the entire bet slip. Therefore if one of the event on the bets lip is lost, you will still have a reward for winning the other two events. The amount you get for winning two out of the three games can be lower or higher than your overall stake depending on the odds for each event. See the picture below for detailed explanation.


It is one thing to know a particular type of bet and another thing to know how to successfully use it to your advantage. Trixie bet can be applied to all varieties of odds but the best scenario to apply Trixie bet is in cases where the odds for your selected matches are very high. For odds of 2.0, Trixie bet will give a return that is equal to the total stake should you lose one of the event (football match) and for odds greater than 2.0, you will get a profit even if one of the event is lost.

Pictorial explanation of trixie bet:best way to use it in football betting

Photo by Futbol Tips

How to find “Trixie bet” option on a betting website

Trixie bet can be arranged manually but some betting companies have an automated system bet. The system bet open up a variety of betting option including Trixie bet. All you need to do is select a combination of 3 events and choose the Trixie bet option. In cases where Trixie bet option is not provided, make use the combination of the treble and doubles betting options provided. Here is an example using Bet9ja (most popular betting website in Nigeria as at 2021).

  • Go to your betting website website e.g. Bet9ja

screenshot of bet9ja mobile website

Photo by Futbol Tips


  • Select three games you intend to play as Trixie
  • Go to the bet slip page where accumulator or multiple bet is selected as the default betting type. Select the tab option labelled “System”. In our case (Bet9a), we are provided with treble, doubles and singles bet.

selecting three games for tixie bet

Photo by Futbol Tips


  • To play Trixie bet, input your desired stake in the 1 treble and 3 doubles betting box (text fields). Your desired overall stake and possible win will be computed and displayed to you.

screenshot of system bet (trixie bet) on Bet9ja platform

Photo by Futbol Tips

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