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How to make money in football betting using rollover betting strategy

Lucky Five Odds

Lucky Five Odds prediction are predictions on football events with odds ranging from 5.0 to 10.0. Like the rollover bet, football match predictions in this category are carefully selected and analyzed. 


Losing money in football betting is absolutely unavoidable, some bets you win and some you lose. If you want to know how to make money in football betting, you are in the right place. Here we will be discussing one of the ways in which football punters can stay ahead of the bookies.

Most people encounter continuous loss of money in football betting because they do the same thing over and over. It is an insane practice but sadly many football punters fall into this category. Do you fall into this category of football punters?, are you tired of endless loses?. Do not worry, in this tutorial, we will be showing you ways in which you can make money via small odds with less risk.


Day in, day out, you see football punters losing their bets using the same betting pattern. They do not border to try new formula.

In football betting, if a particular betting strategy does not work for you, leave it and look for another betting strategy. The betting strategy that works for Mr A might not necessary work for Mr B. This is because Mr A’s condition and level of reasoning or knowledge might be different from Mr B. Hence it is good to look for a betting strategy that best suite you. Let’s say you are someone who is usually busy working 15 hours a day. It means you hardly have time to sleep talk less of going through upcoming football matches, looking at team’s stats, analyzing team data and much more. You definitely shouldn’t be using the same betting strategy as someone who only work 6 hours a day. For he/she will have a lot of time to sleep and then wake up to analyse upcoming football matches.

There are several betting strategies for making money in football betting, and in this article, we will be discussing “Rollover betting strategy”. For more betting strategies, frequently check our tutorial section.

How to make money in football betting using “Rollover betting strategy”

This betting strategy involves re-staking the money won from previous bet on a new bet. This seems risky you might think but hear me out. This is one of the best ways to win huge amount of money but a lot of patience is needed in other to succeed using this strategy. Just like every other game there is, football betting is a step by step procedure. Do not be too anxious to stack up high odds and high number of games. Instead focus on smaller odds that has more possibility of resulting in a win.



Remember, it is one step at a time. Look for a game or two, make your prediction and stake the bet. Money won from the bet will then be used as a stake for another similar bet. The process continues depending on your defined limit.

In football betting, the more games you accumulate on a ticket, the greater the risk of losing the ticket. So therefore, bet rollover is only used for smaller odds and few number of games in other to guaranty a win. See the steps by step instructions below on planning a bet rollover strategy.

Rollover Odds limit

The odds limit is defined by the number of odds the punter can easily predict with at least 95% chance of winning. Make up your mind about your rollover odds limits. This is usually between 1.5 to 5.0 odds depending on your betting skills and financial status. Here at Futbol Tips, we recommend an average odd of 2.0. You have to be very practical when choosing your rollover odds limit. The aim here is not about high odds, it is about choosing games (football matches) that are very much winnable without needing much luck. The maximum number of games should not be more than three (3).

Set up a rollover break-point

A rollover break-point is the number of successive “bet-rollovers” to be achieved before re-starting or banking your interest. We recommend a rollover break-point of three (3). That is to say after three successful bets rollovers, you reach a break point. At this point, you can subtract the profit and restart the rollover with your initial stake. Another thing you can do is to simply take out 50% of your winning and continue with the remaining 50% till you get to the next break point. See pictorial explanation below.


Pictorial explanation of how to make money in football betting (rollover)

Photo by Futbol Tips

If you are not very good at predicting your own rollover odds, make use of our well analysed odds in the Bet Rollover section of this website. NOTE: Using bet rollover tactics doesn’t mean punters will not lose their bets, bets rollover still requires football punters to be very calculative, patience and smart.

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