Double chance bet_what does it mean

Double chance bet: What does it mean?

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Lucky Five Odds prediction are predictions on football events with odds ranging from 5.0 to 10.0. Like the rollover bet, football match predictions in this category are carefully selected and analyzed. 

Football betting is not 100% based on luck as some people might think. In this article we will be discussing double chance bet, its advantages and the various types of double chance bets in football betting.

To be a successful punter, you will need to have a good knowledge of the available football betting markets. Due to the stress involved, most football punter have refused to learn the different betting markets provided by the bookmakers. Rather, they just go straight to placing bets using the most popular markets like 1X2 and BTS. While the aforementioned popular betting markets are easy to understand and straight forward, they are quite easy to lose.

In a football match, there are three possible outcomes. These are home team to win (usually represented by 1), draw (represented by X) and away team to win (usually represented by 2). This is commonly known as the three-way betting market (represented by 1X2).

1X2 Bet, the best explanation from futbol tips

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The disadvantage of three-way betting market is that there are two possible ways to lose the bet. For example, say there is a football match between Chelsea and Everton. If the punter chooses home team (Chelsea) to win, the possibility of losing the bet will be either an away win or the match ending in a draw. This has become headache for most punters. So therefore, to maximize the possibility of winning your bets, there is need to reduce the three-way betting market into a two-way market. This is done by double-chancing your teams therefore reducing the possibility of losing from two to one.

A double chance bet increase the chances of winning your bets by allowing you to make predictions that will cover two of three possible outcomes of a football event. In other words, you are to predict a combination of two outcomes out of three possible outcomes of a match.

Common types of double chance bets

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  • 1X betting market: This type of bet is sometimes called “home or draw” which is sometimes written as 1 or X. You only lose this type of bet when the away team win. Therefore, the punter will win the bet if the match either ends in a draw of a home win.
  • 12 betting market: This is another type of double chance bets popularly known as “anybody win”. In this case, the punter will win the bet if either the home team (1) or away team (2) win the match. That is to say the only way to lose this kind of bet is when the match ends in a stalemate (draw). Alternatives names for 12 betting market are “1 or 2” and “home and away”.
  • X2 betting market: The X2 market (sometimes written as 2X) is similar to the 1X betting market. Here, the punter will win the bet should the game end in a draw or an away win. This imply that the only way to lose the bet is with the home team winning the football match. It is sometimes called “away or draw” written as “2 or X”.

In other to be a successful football punter, you need a lot of knowledge about different market types. Sometimes, 1X , 12 and X2 bets might not be the most suitable markets for some football matches. Click here to learn about other double chance betting markets.

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