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1X2 bets: Best explanation from Futbol Tips

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Introduction to 1X2 betting Market

In football betting, “1X2” is referred to as three-way betting market. It is one of the most common type of football betting market. In this article, we will give you the best possible explanation of 1X2 betting markets.

For every football matches, there are three (3) possible outcome. It is either the home team win, the match end in a stalemate (draw) or the away team win the match. In football betting, the possibility for the home team to win is written in short form as 1. More so, “X” is used to represent a draw while the possibility of the away team winning is written in short form as “2”. Together, this is written as 1X2 which is known as the three-way betting market. To win a three-way bet, the punter must correctly predict one of the three possible outcome (1 or X or 2). We recommend reducing the three-way bets to two-ways bet (double chance) to reduce the risk and stand a better chance of winning. The screenshot below shows a three-way betting market as presented on a betting website (Betking)

1X2 Bet, the best explanation from futbol tips

Photo by Futbol Tips

Forms of 1X2 betting market

Aside from predicting the three-way outcome of a match in full-time, the other forms of three-way bets are described below.

Time-based 1X2 betting market

1X2 Bet; time based betting market

Photo by Futbol Tips

For a time-based three-way betting market, the objective is to predict the outcome of a match within a specified time. The given time frame varies depending on the football match in question. Below are some of the list of time-based three-way bets.

  • First 5 Mins 1X2 bets: Unlike the aforementioned three-way betting markets, this form of three-way bet is based on a time frame of 5 minutes. Here the punter is tasked to predict the outcome of the first 5 minutes of a match on the basis of home-win (1), draw (X) and away-win (2).
  • First 10 Min 1×2: The objective here is to predict the outcome for the first 10 minute of a football match on the basis of home-win (1), draw (X) and away-win (2).
  • 1st half 1×2: Predict the outcome for the first half of a football match. The options for the outcome are Home win (1), draw (X) or away win (2). There are other time-based three-way markets for 30 minutes, 60 minutes and so on depending on the football match in question.

Corner-based 1X2 betting markets

1X2 Bet, corner-based markets

Photo by Futbol Tips


For corner-based three-way markets, the task is to predict which team will be awarded the most corners. Let’s take a look at some of these market types.

  • 1X2 Corner 1HT: This market type task the punter to predict the team that will be awarded the most corners in the first half of a football match. This predictions are on the basis of home-team (1), draw (X) and away-team (2). Note: draw (X) here means both teams will be awarded the same number of corners.
  • 1X2 corner 2HT: This is the same as the previously disused 1X2 corner 1HT but in this case only the second half (2HT) corners are put into consideration.
  • 1X2 corner FT & ET: Here the punter is to predict the that will be given the most corners during the match and on Extra time. Note: Extra time (ET) here is different from added time to the 90 minutes (FT) which usually compensate for breaks during the game.
  • 1X2 corner 2HT & ET: This is another three-way betting market where the punter is task with predicting the teams that will be awarded the most corners during the second half (2HT) and extra time (ET).

Three-way betting type can be combined with other betting types (combo) with the aim of getting higher odds. Learn more about it here.

What do you think about 1X2 betting market? If you have any question, addition or correction(s) regarding this post, feel free to leave a comment and we will attend to it as soon ass possible.


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